red alibi

tell me a story of the heart for being somewhere else

When a lie is the only way to the truth and a story the only way to decode
the beat of a saudade heart.

- words -
Writing lyrics is easy. The challenge is in finding stories that can resonate with the musicians so that a work of fiction may come to mirror the truth. The work on -coma- offered me this opportunity. And more.
I don't know that I've ever worked with two musicians who took such care with their craft. Lara and Arnaud seem obsessed - in the best possible way - with making everything in this project a personal experience. The music can and will move you. Sometimes with melancholy, sometimes with joy. But their attention to detail doesn't end there. The logo, the colors, even the choice of paper for the CD booklet had to be true to the whole. True to the passion that gave this musical duo life.
Surrender to the music. Surrender to the experience that is 'a story of the heart for being somewhere else.


- our story -
It may be a cliché to say that the journey is just as important as the destination, but in our case it really is true. In the beginning it was just two people jamming in a smelly, concrete bunker. But it soon became clear that something was developing. Something bigger and more important to us than we could have foreseen.
We never made a song in a single session. It was always a case of multiple passes. Everyone taking their turn to add a layer of color, a new depth and dimension. To bring their own history to the piece. Their own flavour. Now maybe it was luck, maybe just fate, but we'd stumbled across a system that worked.
We were onto something.
The result, you will hear, shows all our musical influences. Jazz, electro, soul, hip hop and more. But at the same time our finger prints are all over it. The marks that make -coma- undeniably and individually ours.
We are so proud. Proud that all those things we loved most in the music of others we were finding in our own. It took us places. It made us dream. It moved our feet and spoke to our souls. Someone once called it electro-soul, and this label made us smile. It was a perfect match.
At the end of the day the truth of -coma- is an internal one. A personal one. The songs, the stories, are just enough in focus to be meaningful for us, but just blurred enough to be open for interpretation. So what does it all mean? You tell us.
Close your eyes. Let yourself be taken on a voyage to far away somewhere.
If you're like us and you're in love with love, -coma- will be a place of refuge and healing painted in all the colors that make a human both strong and fragile. Fearless and needy. Reckless and measured.


red alibi

red alibi are…
arnaud baudouin…
instruments - composition - music production

lara tikulin…
vocals - composition - lyrics
mujo zahirovic…

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